NEWS: GTX 570 from PNY Palit and Gigabyte

Posted: 7 December 2010 in Hardware, News
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PNY, Palit e Gigabyte sono le prime case produttrici di schede video a presentare le loro proposte GTX 570.
Le nuove schede con GPU GF110 hanno 480 Cuda Cores, interfaccia di memoria a 320 bit, 1280Mb di ram GDDR5, clock GPU a 732MHz, clock Shader a 1464MHz, clock delle memorie a 3800MHz, connettori SLI, alimentazione tramite 2 cavi 6pin e uscite mini HDMI e DVI (x2).
Il prezzo sarà di di circa 350$.

PNY, Palit and Gigabyte are the first manufacturers of video cards to submit their proposals of GTX 570.
The new cards have GPU GF110 Cuda 480 Cores, 320-bit memory interface, 1280MB of GDDR5 memory, GPU clocked at 732MHz, shader clock at 1464MHz, memory clock at 3800MHz, SLI connectors, power supply with 2 6pin cables and mini DVI and HDMI (x2) outputs.
The price will be approximately $350.

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