NEWS: Sparkle GTX 460 SE

Posted: 22 December 2010 in Hardware, News
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Sparkle Computer ha presentato oggi la scheda GeForce GTX 460 SE con 288 core CUDA (contro i 336  standard della GTX 460), GPU / shader / memoria con clock di 650/1300/3400 MHz e sistema di dissipazione modificato dual-slot più performante, si supponesia conosciuta come Sabrina Edition.

Sparkle Computer has today introduced its own GeForce GTX 460 SE card which packs 288 CUDA Cores (336 on the ‘standard’ GTX 460), GPU/shader/memory clocks of 650/1300/3400 MHz, comes with a custom, dual-slot cooler, and is supposed to be known as Sabrina Edition.

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